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We are offering an Associate Director/ Director level position (depending on candidate experience) for a very motivated and collaborative candidate who will perform and oversee multi-omics on clinical samples. The position is for a wet lab researcher with experience in RNA-seq, DNA analysis and other types of OMICS including spatial to investigate FFPE and other clinical samples. The ideal candidate should have an advanced degree (PhD.) in biology, biochemistry or a related field and a minimum of five years (post-graduate) of research experience in a biotech or pharmaceutical setting. The candidate will be integrated in a multidisciplinary team, working closely with computational scientists and managing a wet lab. In addition to producing high-quality data, the role will be actively involved in designing experiments, troubleshooting, and communicating with team members. This is an on-site position located in Paris or its suburbs.


  • Oversee and perform integrative molecular profiling on clinical samples and other lab operations.
  • Work in collaboration with the Head of Translational Research to design and implement the strategy for targets and biomarkers identification.
  • Work closely with the computational team to discuss results.
  • Work with CROs to perform sequencing and other methods including experimental validations of targets.
  • Collaborate with external academic research teams designated by CURE51 management.
  • Present data at project teams and to external collaborator when needed.
  • The position could include management of direct reports.


  • The ideal candidate will be collaborative, self-directed, with proven ability to work independently and possess the following:

    • Preferred scientific and clinical background in Oncology.
    • 5+ years postgraduate industry experience in translational research in a biotech setting.
    • Strong knowledge of molecular profiling in cancer biology, transcription and genetics.
    • Experience in DNA and RNA isolation of frozen and FFPE clinical specimens.
    • Experience in drug discovery from target is a plus.
    • Understanding and experience on multi-omics data analysis is a plus.
    • Experience in single-cell and spatial transcriptomics is a plus.
    • Familiarity with clinical trial design and basic knowledge of regulatory guidelines is a plus.

Other key Attributes

  • Excellent organizational, time management, and written and verbal communication skills.

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